Fender Telecaster Mexican 1997 Reviews 4

While shopping for an Epiphone "Les Paul" I picked up a 5 yr old Mexi Tele out of idle curiosity. The finish was standard fender red and had the single coil bridge and neck pickups. A friend who plays professionally tells me that every sixth or seventh Mexi Tele off the line is very equivalent in performance to an American Standard Telecaster. This one must have been a seventh!

I was impressed with the action and the setup. The tone was middle of the road Tele. The comparison to the new Epiphone LPs (in the $359.00 to $399.00 range) was extremely favorable in every aspect. I bought it immediately for $250.00 and have used it ever since both casually and at the occasional gig. It keeps perfect intonation and is easily adjusted with a change in string gauge.

The cord connector is loose though this does not produce static or cutouts. Other external hardware is mildly corroded.

Finish: great. Pickups: middle of the road. Neck: great. Hardware: middle of the road.

Look for that sixth or seventh unit and save $500.00 on a great instrument gauged by its playability.

Michael Fraze rated this unit 4 on 2004-02-14.

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