Fender Telecoustic Guitar Reviews 5

I bought this amazing peice of genius at a local music store and paid about 315$ for it.

I love this guitar. Everything about it is nice. Its really thin unlike other big bulky acoustic electrics, and it still produces a beutiful tone. Its very well built with a fiberglass back I dont think you could break it if you tried. The neck is just like one of a Fender Telecaster, and is great for fast fingers. Unplugged this guitar could be used just about anywhere. But plug it in and thats where the fun starts. The on board preamp (powered by a 9v battery) Has 4 tone eqalizers and its really handy when playing on stage. Did i mention how nice this guitar looks? Its a beutiful guitar and i love it get out there and get one for yourself.

The only thing i didnt like is that its really top heavy. You cant let it hang or the neck will hit the floor. But other that that this is a 100% great guitar

Fender has always built quality items, and this is just great. Like i said before you probably couldnt break it if you tried.

I strongly suggest to anyone looking for a nice acoustic electric to use on stage and you dont want to pay much, to get out to your local music store and buy one of these awsome guitars.

Bryan rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-10.

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