Fender Tom DeLonge Custom Fender Stratocaster Reviews 5

I havent bought one yet. But going to!!!! :)<<<<<>>>>>

The Color's(Black,Surf Green,Olympic White,Daphnie Blue,and Grafitti Yellow and u CAN PAINT IT Ok),The Body Style(Fender Stratocaster Body), The pickups PWN (Invader Seymour Duncans), The Neck and 70's Style Headstock PWNS!!!. And i like it because it's Tom DeLonge's Guitar.



This guitar is perfect is has nice colors nice body style, the construction of the guitar, the pickups,the neck of the guitar and the 70'S style headstock is AWSOME!! I would recommend this guitar for people who like pop-punk kind of music. U should get a line 6 amp or a mese boogie amp there the best!

Instant message me at Tom1Delo8nge2 rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-20.

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