Fender Tom DeLonge Signature Model Stratocaster Reviews 2

500 USD.

It's great firewood.

The only tone you can get with this is horrible. Theres one knob and one pickup. I thought you had to have SOME nevermind NO skill to get your own signature model guitar. How did this idiot get one?

The frets are too big, the pickups are horrible, the tuners are no good, what else is left?

Honestly, a squire strat for 100 bucks will get you further than this thing.

Jimmy Page rated this unit 1 on 2003-03-17.

I bought this from musiciansfriend.com for around $450

VERY DURABLE WOOD AND MATERIAL!!! I've had this for a year now, and it's been throughh many bumps and scratchs, but the paint looks good, and nothing has chipped! Seymour Duncan Invader sounds O.K. not bad, not too good. The tuners arent bad either. gets out of tune every two days. looks good, especially the pickguard.

The neck. The back of the neck is hard on the hands because of its contour, and the strings are furder apart than a normal guitar would. otherwise, its alright.

The construction is very well made from mexico. does not break easily, i usually stand it against the table and not use my guitar hook... and 1/5 times it falls over. but still no scratches or dents

strong. ok sound. awkward neck feeling

JP rated this unit 3 on 2002-09-24.

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