Fender Tom Delonge Customized Strat Reviews 5

Im probably the biggest blink-182 fan and as soon as this guitar was on the market, i had to have it. It cost me 500 (uk) at my local music store (the music station)

Everything is fucking awsome on this guitar. The looks, the way it sounds and the feel of the guitar. I've this guitar for quite a while and there aint any scrathes on it, the wood is strong as fuck. The neck has a great feel to it.

The only thing i dont like is that the neck is a bit wider than most guitars which makes it harder to play (not that much harder though), apart from that its fucking awsome.

The sounds great, amazing quality (if u want a big beefy sound).The wood is stong as fuck which makes it good if it gets bumped or hit.

This is an awsome guitar and probably my favourite. If you like punk music this is the guitar for you. Its well made and gives out an awsome sound. You should really consider buying this guitar.

Matt Barry rated this unit 5 on 2002-10-22.

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