Fender Tom Delonge Signature Guitar Reviews 4

I ordered this guitar from Musician's Friend shortly after it came out and paid $480.

I really like the surf green color and the stipped down feel of the single humbucker. The Seymour Duncan Invader pickup works great and puts out a great sound at any volume. I also like the price of the guitar.

The only things I dont like are the tuners. I'd prefer to have locking tuners, but mine haven't been too bad, so theres not really anything that i can complain about.

It is made in Mexico and is fairly well made. The frets dont stick out of the side of the neck or anything. It has a rosewood fretboard. It comes with a moto pearl pickguard and a single knob for volume.

I really like this guitar...go buy one.

poseur rated this unit 4 on 2002-03-19.

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