Fender Torch Vintage Series Strat Reviews 1

Alright, now this guitar has been around since the dawn of time it's that old.. It was purchased in probably 1902 (1985) for around $200. Basement bargain you say? Do read on.

What's to like? Hmmm it has strings? You can tune it? This guitar is crap.

Bad electronics, the guitar earths out whenever anything remotely harder than "Bryan Adams" gets put through it. Treated Pine neck: yes i'm serious. Its got a bend in it like a banana. Massive fret noise. Poor pick-ups. The list goes on.

Fender pick ups (it's saviour point). Treated Pine neck. Classic Fender strat look. (don't let it fool you. It's gay) Rosewood fretboard, 22frets. Tone, Volume, no trem. Dodgy Dodgy Dodgy.

As the name suggests ... Torch. If you see one, TORCH IT. These guitars are an embarrasment to the word guitar. A dealer felt so sorry for me when i mentioned i had one in my collection that he offered to pay me $20 to let him destroy it for me. I think i've made my point here ...

BC_Rich_Jr.V rated this unit 1 on 2002-10-13.

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