Fender Tornado Reviews 2

i bought this guitar at a Mars in Arlington Texas For 500 dollars. I was impresed with the dual humbuckers and independent pickup controls of a gibson on a fender. It's appearance is what reeled me in.

I loved the sustain and crunch the tornado gave me. The three way switch was fun to alternate between on and off pickups.

This guitar had horrible and uncontrolable microphonic feedback. The squeeling was so awfull that it would hinder band practice. The neck was not as fast and playable as I like and I like a pickup selector where it is easy for me to switch in the middle of a solo which this did not have.

It's a mexican fender and it shows. It does not seem as well built as an American. The tuning pegs were inconsistent and the knobs were loose but they did have a smooth gradual range of tone as they were turned.

The squeeling feed back was enough for me to return this guitar and trade it in for an American double fat strat at double the price. If fender removes this flaw of those 'Atomic Humbuckers', this may be a good buy for 500 bucks.

Daniel Burgess rated this unit 2 on 2003-07-30.

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