Fender U.S Highway One Telecaster Reviews 5

I have recebtky started playing jazz, and my crappy off brand strat wouldn't cut it for jazz. So i decided its time to get a new guitar. My first choice was to get a hollow body Gibson, but then i saw the price of that. So i went to the music loft and picked up a U.S Highway Tele. i fell in love instintly. I bought it right then for $600.

The tone is beautiful. It is very warm and bright. I can play almost any type of music except speed metal. It is wonderfull to improve in jazz with because its so clean and every detail comes out.

Since every little detail comes out, every mistake comes out also. Also on the bottom of the neck, roght next to the pick up, the neck is starting to tare into the wood. it doesnt affect the sound i just dont know if this will be a problem.

It is a great guitar to learn on, and it is built prfectly.

What ever you want to play this is the perfect guitar.

Daniel rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-17.

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