Fender US Highway 1 Strat Reviews 5

I acquired this beauty at CA House music in Ohio when I was an vacation (I live in Phoenix, Az.) It was the usual $599.99

I love everything about this guitar: It is a classic, USA made, quality craftsmanship, form, fit and feel.

The stock pickups, tuning keys. That is all. See below for the modifications I made to it.

The construction is sound, and quality, I find so far is flawless. Strats are the easiest guitars to modify so you can make your own customized Strat. Mine is the Cocoa transparent and I modified it with the Schaller locking tuners, LSR roller nut, EMG SA David Gilmour pickups with the internal preamp (EXG guitar expander, and Presence control), and 2 modified tremelo arms, 1 very short, and one slightly longer. I also play it thru my Roland JC-120 Jazz chorus amp, and the Boss GT6.

This is perhaps the best guitar I have ever owned. I owned, cheapie strat copies, an Ibanez SG, Squier II, and a Valley Arts Custom Pro. This Fender is by far my favorite. I recommend this for the intermediate to advanced guitarist.

James rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-11.

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