Fender USA Deluxe 2004 Stratocaster Reviews 2

I got it from sound control in glasgow for 999

The locking tuners and saddles. The tremelo bridge is of excellent quality and the case is of high quality

This was a huge disappointment. I gave it two weeks but it was worse than my epiphone sg (which I only paid 250 for) It wasn't the high quality guitar I expected.

The best thing about this was the construction which I have to say was flawless. The case was an exact fit and had a nice little compartment and the neck had an extremely smooth action.

Not a terribly bad guitar, but it didn't quite live up to my expectations. I played it for a solid two weeks then took it back to sound control and got a better guitar (which I have already reviewed. The gretsch malcolm young which cost me another 400) But I seriously recommend not getting this (especially if you're used to a gibson) Keep your money and get a les paul. Once again, not a terribly bad guitar, but not worth the 999. To be terribly honest, comparing this to a 250 guitar, I would say this product is only worth 200. I was extremely unsatisfied and I can only be glad that sound control took it back for something else.

Craig rated this unit 2 on 2004-06-02.

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