Fender fender floyd rose classic HSS Reviews 5

my wife and I sold 3 of our guitars to purchase the fender floyd rose classic HSS guitar all of them ibanez collecting dust.My wife bought me the guitar for christmas at musicians friend. the guitar cost $1049.00

my wife and myself both play in a band together and my main guitar is a old 1976 american fender stratocaster.I have always wanted a strat with a floyd rose, fender did sell them but never with a maple neck only rosewood. I like the feel of maple better thats why i never bought one before. But when this guitar came out I had to have it, its exactly what i have been wanting for years.The neck feels great,the weight,action, everything is perfect for what i have been looking for

once again this is my dream guitar. Im 47 years old and i only play stratocasters> Ive been playing in a band for 30years, and in the early 80's when the whammy bar(floyd rose) became popular i had to have a guitar with one but couldn't keep away from my strat Now I have both worlds. There ain't anything i dont like about this guitar

This guitar is put together great ,solid not to light not to heavy ( and i like a heavy guitar) but this guitars weight is perfect with still a solid tone, floyd rose works great guality is just great. 22 frets!!

Even though it cost $1049.00 it looks, way more expensive I wanted it in pure White, but the closest i could get was vintage white. when i first got it i didn't like the color (LIKE A LIGHT DULL YELLOW)But after a few days i feel in love with the colorI wouldn't trade this color for white or anyother Its hard to make comments about this guitar becase everything is perfect in what i have been wanting American fender floyd rose HSS classic with a maple neck(what else is there to live for)

Charles Vargas rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-30.

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