Fernandes Nomad Deluxe Self-Contained Guitar Reviews 4

This unit was purchased for $425 on ebay. Originally purchased as a gift, I played it and decided that I was going to Keep IT!

This item is small, packs/travels anywhere I go-including flying back and forth to Europe. I like the fact that it allows headphone privacy, a ton of effects combinations, and the ability to plug into a larger amp.

Expensive! The case should be a molded/hardshell to ensure the safety of the unit. The on-board amp kinda sucks in terms of sound quality, for the price tag. I would also like to see a larger variety of color designs-Perhaps custom jobs@

Tight! Very well made unit, that has handle 2 drops with very little damage (chipping headstock), and has probably earned a free ticket for all the miles I have lugged it around the world. It stays in tune, but needs to be gotten used to when playing standing-the guitar seems like a toy due to it's small size.

I like it very Much! I would love to see some future models with larger speaker(S), and custom graphics. Perhaps a multi-pickup unit? All in all, I would suggest this to anyone who has the cash to acquire it.

Steve S. rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-24.

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