Fernandes Revolver Pro - Sustainer Reviews 4

I bought this axe on line at Music123 for $240.00, it was a B stock although it looked brand new to my eyes.

It's easy to play and it has tons of sustain even without using the artificial effect, which allow you to experiment new sounds or recording directly to the console with "real" sounding feedback. Very good tone too, both clean and distorted.

The axe is pretty heavy on the shoulder and can gets you tired if you are not Rambo-style... Also this model doesn't have the tone control and requires a 9 volt battery to work.

The guitar is very well built, I didn't find any defect on the construction side. The neck is very smooth with jumbo frets well dressed, not like some cheap model that "cut" your fingers at the edge of the fretboard and buzz randomly... The shape of the neck is some where in-between the strato and some Ibanez, with a comfortable "c" shape and beefy thickness. Ok, now the pick-ups: it has Emg HZ at the bridge and a Fernandes Sustainer at the neck. The bridge is a decent Floyd Rose licensed and the tuners are standard. The controls are: main volume, feedback volume with push-pull to choose normal-mode or harmonic-mode and a micro switch for the sustainer on/off.

Great axe for the price. The sustain system require practice in order to sound interesting but is very special. A modern guitar for rock, metal, fusion, and maybe pop? If you like to experiment or just have more possibilities this is for you.

Liricus rated this unit 4 on 2003-08-07.

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