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I got this bass Christmas of 2003 for about $140 at Walmart. We bought it because my little brother had purchased a First Act guitar from Walmart in August 2003 and we enjoyed it.

The bass is made of a beautiful colored wood, also is very high quality. The body of the guitar is most durable, featuring a metal coating. It features a volume and tone control on its body. The amp is especialy good. Although only 15 watts, it allows for a high bass boost. When i have it on about 5 it shakes the house (which is fairly large). It features and equalizer (for bass middle and treble), presence control and a cd input and headphone jack. When i plug it into my distortion kit it produces a perfect trash metal effect, along with hundreds of other effects.

As much as i love my bass, it has a few disadvantages. The headbolts that hold the strings are fairly low quality. The second string tends to rattle when it is plucked hard enough, however, when plugged into the amp, this is not heard, so i dont really mind it. They can be replaced with very high quality headbolts for under $30. The pickups are not incredibly high quality, however i have seen $350 guitars which possess the same quality pickup. The strings are very crappy, however, i wouldnt get any new guitar and not replace the strings. Good strings come for about $15 at any music store.

The construction quality is GREAT. The guitar has been dropped several times (i have a little brother and sister :) ), and it remains undamaged. The strap features poor quality too, but i dont really mind, because i bought a new one with a pad.

I would definately recommend this guitar to any new bass player, possibly even an intermediate skilled player. It comes for a cheap price, with an amp and the guitar (and cable), for only $140. I give it a 9 out of 10.

SLIPStream rated this unit 4 on 2004-03-02.

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