First Act Electric Bass Guitar Reviews 5

I purchased my bass guitar at Walmart for 186 dollars and it came with a 15 watt amp which is cool. I bought it because I wanted to learn how to play a new instrument.

I like the amp and how the guitar looks. For that price, it looks really good.

I don't like how when I play the 4th string, it rattles. The strings are pretty crappy, so I would suggest to anybody who buys one, get new strings put on.

It has a long neck, 4 strings, it's blue, and has white in the middle. The quality is good when it's hooked up to the amp because you can't hear the rattling that much.

rocker chic rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-03.

I got my bass for Christmas, but my grandparents couldnt wait and I got it early It was about $200 and it came from Wal Mart

My amp has 15 watts the guitar is cool, it is very loud too

the strings are very bad. whenever I play the first 4 frets it will make a weird sound.

It is a very light guitar that is pretty good

I think this is a good bass guitar for any beginners or intermediates, but you will need new strings

JOEY LEAD SINGER AND BACKUP BASS FOR RAOA rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-23.

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