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I got this package for $150 at the Super Wal-mart in Orange County, FL. A guitar of similar quality would probably sell for $300-$450 alone. I was skeptical at first, I had wanted an electric guitar really badly because I had a very bad acoustic that I was well above in standard. I was quite pleasantly surprised.

It sounds great, the amp is tiny (8 watts, 8"x5"x9"), but capable of very powerful sound. It is very solidly built and the crimson-red wooden finish on the body gleams. The whole package has a 2-year warranty, great for beginners.

It only has two humbucking pickups which I may have to eventually replace or just add a few more pickups. The pickguard is a thin plastic cover and it is fairly noticeable that it is not screwed on to the body as well as it should, but it has not presented any problems yet. Also the amp for some reason picks up radio stations at night when you turn up the gain. And with the gain turned up full, as you turn the volume nob, a low humming sound becomes amplified. It is not a problem though, as I seldom turn it past 1 when the gain is up (it is very loud for it's size).

I tested the harmonics, tremolo, neck angle and stability, fretboard, nut and bridge structural integrity, strings, and all tests met my approval. The body, neck, fretboard, and headstock are all of great quality.

All in all, it was a great buy for $150, and a major step up from my awful acoustic. I'm already a much better guitarist after less than two weeks because of this unit. I may have just lucked out and gotten a package that wasn't tampered with in the store, as I've read complaints about similar products to this one. 12 days of total satisfaction and counting.

Budding Rock Star rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-18.

I got this guitar for Christmas. I knew Wal-Mart was selling this for about $179.00.

The guitar's body design was genius with room for your fingers to get to lower frets. It's made very much for a right handed person because the tuning knobs are on the right hand upside. The pack came with a 10 watt ampthat produces some amount of sound. 3 Picks were good for starters. A learning book with straps and a 6' cable didn't hurt either.

The book was pretty blah as far as teaching. I'm actully using a CD-rom to learn because it sucked so bad. The tones on the guitar are crap. They barely change it. The pickguard isn't that well made and I find it goes in and out of tune pretty easily.

The body in general is very well built. Otherwise, the pickguard is my only complaint. It's crap. Left-handers may have their complaints here as far as the tuning knobs.

As for, beginners- its a good guitar set for it 's price. If your experienced- go get a Fender.

Scott rated this unit 3 on 2004-01-19.

I bought this guitar at Wal-Mart for $200. It was my first guitar, and it was unfortunate that I didn't have more guitar sense at the time to know that it wasn't exactly a great guitar. But, it was in a value pack that came with an amp, picks, strap, strings, etc., so I figured it couldn't be that bad.

There's not a whole lot a like about this guitar. It does look pretty cool (it is basically a clone of a Strat, but it is not even as good as a Squier!), but that's about it.

There are a lot of things about the guitar that I don't like. First off, the sound of the guitar seems to be rather lacking. This is not really a rock guitar or anything, despite how it was advertised. It might make a decent jazz or blues guitar, but it just doesn't give me the sound I want. Second, the pickups on the guitar are off. Third, the input jack has started to come off, even though I've barely played the guitar. Fourth, the tremolo bar didn't work at all until I made some adjustments with the springs. Fifth and finally (although I could complain about a lot of other things), the construction of the guitar seems to be quite shoddy. Overall, this is not a great guitar.

This guitar seems to actually be relatively durable, although, as I've admitted, I haven't played it very much. However, the construction leaves quite a lot to be desired. I've already talked about this though, so I won't talk about it again.

Personally, this guitar did nothing for me. I didn't even learn anything about playing with guitar, because of its faults. If this guitar were the only beginner's guitar available, it wouldn't be bad. However, there are some great deals at, where you can get a Epiphone Les Paul Special II for $240 or a B.C. Rich Warlock for $260. Please, go with one of those deals instead of the horrible Wal-Mart ones. The only positive thing I can say for First Act is that they make decent acoustic guitars.

Cody rated this unit 2 on 2004-01-18.

I recieved this guitar as a gift for Christmas. I do know the price that my parents paid for it, it was $150 at Wal-Mart. now you might be thinking a guitar from Wal-Mart is a peice of crap, its really a pretty good guitar, hey it may not be a Fender or a Gibson but it plays we;; and sounds good. Hey it even came w/ extra strings,picks,a practice amp,guitar strp,and a guitar cable(over 6 foot).

What i like about it is the Crimson Red natural finish. It has a good humbucking pickup, im gonna try to get some new ones though. The amp is good and loud for its size. The construction is very strong it has a maple bolt on neck w/ a rosewood fingerboard. It also has smooth tremelo bridge. Italso stays in tune good to. Maybe later on for my birthday ill try to move up to a squier. Im not really a good player lol.

Well the pickguard on is just basicl1y a thin piece of plastic screwed on the body. The amp is only a 4 watts and no headphone jack. But thats all i dont like about.

The construction is very strong thats all i have to say.

This guitar is good for anyune who wants to learn to play an electric guitar, it may be from Wal-mart but its very good guitar.

Gregg Kendrick rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-02.

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