First Act Les Paul Inspired Clone Guitar Reviews 5

guitar is a 'Les paul' either fender or Epiphone styled electric guitar. I have a gibson Explorer and a Fender stratocaster to compare it to. I got a great deal on it, a little discount, because it was on display at wal-mart as a demo, out of the box, many people handled it, and required re-polishing.

I really like it. It came with a 'gig' bag (cloth carrier case) that is padded, and is actually nicer than the one that came with mt strat. It came with a 10-watt student amp that was cute, but I juice it out of my Crate head and cabinet. man it roars, the strings were horrible, and an easy repacement. The wiring is quiet. The amp cable is cheap, but then again with the puny amp you dont need a $30 cable. The little patch cable comes in handy anyway when i use my yamaha electric tuner.

It was fine and a good 150 dollar guitar. Replace the strings though.Watch out for the "stratocaster" clone they have, I recognised substandard quality right away, which is why i liked the 'Les Paul" type instead. In fact I think The Les kit was 197 instead of 147 dollars.

very good, no defects, pickups (humbucker copies) not too bad. I may hotrod (soup-up)this guitar and use the pickups on another guitar they sound excellent. Fret bars are not brass.

excellent for the price.

pyro 287 rated this unit 5 on 2004-05-17.

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