First Act M2-78B Standard Electric Guitar Reviews 5

I wanted an electric guitar for Christmas but apparently Santa didn't think I was good enough to get one. He certainly knew I wasn't a good enough guitar player. But I was determined, so, with a little bit of extra money I got from my wife (I'm just another working man with a small allowance), I went to Wal-Mart and bought an electric guitar package by First Act.

For such a miniscule amp that came with the guitar, it sure puts out a heap of volume, not to mention the crashing wave of sound from the gain adjustment. The guitar itself is extremely sturdy for such a small package investment ($150) and the two coil pickups do an excellent job with intonation on each string. She truly sounds like a high-grade, professional-class guitar. And with the deep, cherry wood finish. . . well, she's a purty thing.

The tone adjustment on the guitar itself is barely noticeable -- if it delivers anything at all. The adjustment on the amp is fine but it should work in conjuction on a much higher level with the guitar. Having to tone it solely from the amp is not the best avenue to take, especially when playing a short distance from it. And, although it's a very minor thing, the three picks that come with the guitar are, well, cheesy. Their bright red, blue and yellow colors look like the company is trying to introduce first-graders to crayons.

Very sturdy, solid. I have played with my brother's guitars before and this one, I would say, at least equals the construction of his professional (and very costly) electric guitars.

This guitar has beautiful clarity in the notes, which is what a good guitar is supposed to offer if nothing else. I sometimes find myself picking it up just to play chords and hear how perfect they sound. This package guitar -- for the sound, for the sturdiness, for the beauty -- is an outstanding value at $150. I would say it's a very affordable top-rate product from First Act.

Rick Madewell rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-14.

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