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Sax and guitar for 25 years

I traded a Selmer bundy flute for this guitar. Previous owner is a pro as well.

Guitar plays great, good action and feel. Clean pickup and electronics. Tuners hold alright but could be tighter. Pickguard was removed so guitar is all black. Looks mean. I'm happy with the trade. I was playing a Epiphone 335 and needed something smaller and lighter to ride with on a motorcycle.

original pikguard is kinda ugly, took it off. tuners could be stronger

strong, good finish, can take the blows.

great guitar for cheapo!

southernrocker rated this unit 3 on 2008-06-08.

Been playing guitar as an ametuer since the 80s. Been in a couple of garage bands. Mostly play because I enjoy it. Currently dabbling in home recording. Widely varied music tastes, from Classical to Jazz to Metal.

I purchased this guitar from Cash America Pawn for $35. I couldn't pass it up. I suspect it was given as a gift to someone, afterwhich it sat in a closet, then became pawn shop fodder to make room for new shoes?

Simplicity! Basic black. Maple neck with rosewood fretboard. Single humbucking pick up. Volume. Tone. What more do you need? Cheap does not automatically mean bad. After a couple of tweeks... Lowered action with an allen wrench & put a bit of graphite under the strings at the nut to prevent 'binding'... it plays quite nicely. The humbucker performs adequately. Actually responds rather well to highs (I have had some guitars that sounded a bit muddy) It is what it is, a basic, inexpensive guitar.

The cheesy pickguard. Simply cosmetics though. As with most "cost effective" instruments, the tuning machines are weak, but will do the job. (They are exactly the same machines as used on an Epiphone SG Special) If I upgrade anything on this guitar, I will start there.

The guitar is solidly constructed. There is not that much to it. Bolt on neck, strat style tremelo. No flaws detected. As I mentioned earlier, it did need a bit of set up, but nothing extremely technical.

This is a great "take it to the jam session so I don't scratch my best gear" guitar. If a beginner gets it, they should get a friend or music shop to do a basic set up for them. After that it should be fine. Final comments: I find it humorous to read a review like this: "I wanted a Les Paul. I only had a $129.95, so I got this cheapo guitar. Yeah I think it stinks, because it is not a Les Paul." Thought about this sort of review: 1. What were you expecting? A high end instrument for a rock bottom price? 2. An expensive instrument will not make you a better player. Spend less time shopping and more time playing. Ciao!

Elvis is dead - Mozart Lives! rated this unit 4 on 2007-01-26.

I sold my LTD MH-301 a few months back, and have been burning for a guitar ever since. After playing guitar for eleven years, then being without one, you'd understand how I must have felt. I have to play, plain and simple. Anyhow, I broke down, shelled out $157.68 for this "guitar" package., and began to play...

The color is very nice... black.

This is a very long list. I do not like ANYTHING about this guitar besides the color. I wanted a guitar I could play and keep myself sane with, and this one isn't it. It will not stay in tune, and the quality of the guitar is my main beef. Granted, for $150, you can't get a Fender, Gibson, or ESP, but I do expect good quality. The headstock was unfinished, the neck was offset (neck-thru is the only way to go...), not to mention the truss rod was so incredibly off it's scary.

The construction was cool (hey, how can you misassemble a guitar?), but the quality is very poor. Very poor.

This guitar is fine for anyone wanting to smash it out of anger. I would not even recommend this to a beginner. You will find a better deal with a Peavey (God forbid I EVER recommend a Peavey again). ESP Forever!

ESP Fan rated this unit 1 on 2003-11-17.

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