First Act Studio Electric Guitar Pack (Les Paul imitation) Reviews 1

I bought this guitar at Sam's Club for $200 to begin playing guitar.

The hardware is gold plated, and it looks pretty cool, and the body looks alot like a Les Paul.

Everything else. The pickups will fail. The strings will go out of tune, if not snap off within a month or two. I got the guitar, and noticed the bridge pickup stopped working after about one month. The highest pitch string also snapped easily. So then I returned it and got a new one (Same exact model). The new guitar's pickups proceeded to break as well, but only after two days. The strings had always gone out of tune, and some open strings even buzz.

Very rickety. There were gaps between the pickups and the body, as well as a semi-wobbling neck. The pickguard was also on the verge of falling off.

This guitar is the worst guitar I have ever played in my life. The tone is horrible, the amp that came with it has static sounding buzz when the volume is a bit high, and the pickups WILL FAIL! Do not buy this guitar. I HIGHLY suggest you get an Ibanez GSA60 or GAX70. They are both inexpensive, and great guitars for beginners.

Pissed off rated this unit 1 on 2003-02-19.

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