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Fret 12 is a new company and I believe that the Leslie West of Mountain DVD is the second release from Fret12. Mark Tremonti has also completed a "Sound and Story" DVD with the company. I am a studio guitarist and I have been playing guitar for a little over 10 years. Though I do have a normal day job, guitar is my passion and something I would enjoy doing full time. I play PRS singlecut's and Line 6 amps. I try and stay away from to many effects pedals but I have a few. I have been in two bands in the past but, I like tracking and playing guitar in the studio setting much more. My musical tastes are vast but right now Alter Bridge and Alice in Chains are my favorite.

I really didn't know to much about but I was told about the site threw a friend who is an avid member of the site. I also went to the site and became a member as well, I find myself going on the site quite often. The content is really vast and the message board is great support for guitar players of all levels. The Leslie West DVD was on sale on the website for $39.50 and it was worth every penny.

Besides the fact that I think Leslie West is a great guitar player and his tone is amazing. This DVD has a great amount of instructional material that I go back to review over and over for my own playing. I think the fact that Leslie is sitting right in front of you showing you not only how to play his songs but he is showing you how to play solos, finger style,picking, and so many other aspects of the guitar. I am an advanced player and I think everyone could learn something from watching it. There are multiple camera angles to you can see the fretboard and the strings from different views. If you play guitar you know how important this is. The DVD also an a documentary side that explains Leslie's life as a guitar player and he explains his gear, gutiars, and setup of all his equipment.

This DVD was different from all others that I have reviewed. Even the way it was filmed seemed fresh and new, I don't know of anyother DVD Leslie has done but I cannot compare this DVD to anything thing else.

The construction and quality is great. The packaging is very professional and I even got a signed letter with my copy of the DVD (something I did not expect).

Overall this is a quality piece of instructional material. I believe I got more out of this DVD than the price I paid and Leslie West is a killer guitar player so why wouldn't I like this DVD.

asteggers rated this unit 4 on 2009-11-02.

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