G and L ASAT Solid Bass Reviews 5

Daddy's Junky Music Store about $700 Used, very clean. I was actually looking for the f-hole ASAT but I played this one and loved the sound and feel.

The number of noticeabley different voices: Passive and active, combined with series and parallel pickups and the treble booster are all useful to me. Even with the treble boosted it doesn't become an unmanageable funk bucket, but is warm and shimmering. The tone controls DO FUNCTION in the PASSIVE mode. It has a maple board and I prefer the rosewood. I was expecting it to play noticeable fret and finger noise, but that problem did not occur. It sounds pretty much like rosewood. I use flatwounds but even at the store with the roundwounds it was no problem. Other players have mentioned the sound is really terrific. I also Like the finish, transparent white over heavily grained ash so it looks carved of veined white marble.

It has a 3-way toggle for the pickups but lacks a fader knob. I'd like 24 frets but this bass sounds so good I couldn't pass it by despite these two shortcomings. The only other negative is one you'll hear about any number of great sounding basses: It's heavy.

It's slab-sided, big-necked and has two big 8-pole pickups [exposed poles]. It looks serious, and when you play it [or are just cleaning] it you feel that this is very true. It is after all a G and L. Mine has only 3 bolts at the neck but never creaks or feels unsolid. I think the body is Swamp Ash. The neck is not laminated. It has Fender- type tuners and a very heavy bridge.

I'm rating this as a "5" in the context of it's genre ["Fender Bass"]. As "One bass for any and all needs for any and all players", drop it to "4". It's two outstanding qualities are solid build and great tone. It's just not one of pencil-neck 24-fret ergonomic wonders, although it's comfortable to play and has very easy action.

Golem rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-16.

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