G and L L-2000E Fretless Reviews 5

Bass Northwest [online] $650. I wanted a fretless version of my beloved ASAT, but ASATs are somewhat neck divers, which to me is OK in small doses on a fretted, but not acceptable for fretless. The L-2000E is essentially an ASAT with an upper horn. I've always wished my fretless MusicMan StingRay had a second pickup, and the L-2000E is essentially a StingRay with that second pickup. So I knew what I wanted and I just had to browse online to find it.

In addition to being exactly what I was looking for [see above] I like the look of this example: black body, and black fingerboard, plus I use black strings. Other than the VERY solid build, the best thing about an L-2000E [or an ASAT] is the 3 switches that produce so many variations of the Perfect Bass Tones that the pickups deliver. MusicMan on steroids. One of my fave functions among the switches is that it can switch off the active circuit and the tone knobs still work. My fave tone setup is 2 p'ups in series-passive mode, for that dark full heavy classic bass.

G&L uses a 3 way pickup selector switch, but there's a single volume knob with no fader knob. Also, it's a just bit heavy.

It's a G&L [nuffsaid?]. Some particulars of this L-2000E fretless are 16 [count'em 16] adjustable pole slugs, very dark ebony fingerboard, 3-screw neck joint, and the heavier [pre-aluminum] pegs. This one has the old skunk stripe neck that was later dropped by G&L for the half-sawn necks [2 piece, no stripe]. This example is over 20 years old, so other available examples may differ.

If the Masters of the Universe someday dictate that there shall be only one bass making outfit, I hope that it's G&L; which maybe it will be, because possibly G&L are the Masters of the Universe. On this site's scale of 1 to 5, this bass is way past 7 before you even plug it in.

Golem rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-02.

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