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I've been playing for 30 years and have owned many instruments of varying quality. A KISS fan since the beginning and now a member of a tribute band, I felt I HAD to grab a Punisher as long as the price was right.

Ebay for under $900 - least expensive selling price ive seen yet.

My Punisher was DEAD MINT when I got it..9 years old and still had plastic film on cavity cover, original battery and strings. It is in desperate need of a set-up and overall, the quality seems pretty good. It has a monster sound when played through my GK rig and looks amazing!

In a word...HEAVY!

As others have said, there are some definite quality issues. The jack is constantly loose and requires tightening. The toggle switch is muddy/ sloppy and is also poorly installed. Again, the bass is VERY heavy. Tuners are loose and sloppy as well. A friend of mine is a repair tech and is convinced it has come from the BC Rich plant...he wasnt sure though if US or Asia but was leaning toward Asia. I've lost about 30% of the signature from playing already - should have been under clear coat. While mine was an excellent price, I would have been incredibly disappointed had I paid more than $1000 for it.

A decent bass and definite conversation starter but only at a reasonable price. I feel for anyone who paid over $1200 for it...there are many better basses around for less.

EuGENE rated this unit 3 on 2006-10-12.

Purchased this bass on eBay for 1500.00 it had never been played. The bass had to be professionally set up as the neck was back bowed and the strings were on the frets.

Once the bass had been set up it played well and sounded good.

Not worth the money.. Unless you are a collector this instrument is not worth it. Even as a collector piece you will see the signature on the early models is much more legible than the later numbers.

Quality is that of a 500 - 700 import bass. Most people think this was made in USA but I seriously doubt it. Most likely China or Korea... One the one I had you could see the wood joining seams through the finish & there were some dimples in the wood. Apparently they are not all like this. Quality consistent with import models. Luckily there are enough people on eBay to take it off your hands. I quickly listed mine & broke even.

Don't believe the hype! The bottom line is that if you are buying this to play than save your money or invest the 1500 in an American Fender, Warwick, Spector...get the point? The first time you touch the signature it will rub off. If you are a collector than have fun! Personally I would go for one of the earlier numbers as they look a lot better than the later ones. I have been a Kiss fan since the 70's & always liked Gene Simmons however this money making scam leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Tom D rated this unit 2 on 2004-06-12.

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