Gallien-Krueger 112MBX Extention Cab for Micro Bass Reviews 4

It's black, all-metal housing, barely big enuf to hold its 12 inch driver, and weighs a bit more than a StingRay bass. This thing is TINY !! I play in a duo and in a string ''quartet'' so it doesn't hafta compete with a rock drummer.

I bought it for $125 in nice shape from Parkway Music in Clifton Pk NY cuz it was used, and I always wanted one, and they cost over $300 brand new.

First off, it's TINY. It's the perfect partner for any modestly powered combo that has an extension speaker jack. I use it with a matching G-K MB200 [1x12] combo, and with a MarkBass MiniMark [2x6] combo. There's almost no excuse for not bringing it along.

It's hard to love it for its power rating, as it's only an 8ohm 100W rating ... but thaz not really a dislike, as 100W is about right for its intended function. So, there's really nothing to not like. It's not made to be abused by a low-B string, but it can handle a BEADG 5-string played musically. Well, actually, my 5-string is CFBbEbAb but watthehey ...

It's a metal box with a metal grille and contains the same 12 inch driver an G-K's MB series combos. It's barely big enuf to hold its driver, so therefore it's not ported.

Did I mention that it's TINY ? No reason to leave it behind ? I did ? OK, cool, cuz thaz the whole deal. It's a great match for the two small combos I use it with, in that the power rating is right, the impedence is right, and approx the same volume is emitted by both the internal driver[s] of the combo and this extention cab. For it's intended purpose, it is both functional and convenient. But it doesn't perform miracles .... so it rates above '3' but below '5'. OTOH, I suspect that if it were redesigned to perform miracles, it would be inches bigger, pounds heavier, and many hundred dollars more pricey ! Anywayz, as it stands, it rates a '4'.

Golem rated this unit 4 on 2010-07-26.

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