Gallien-Krueger Backline 110 Combo Reviews 5

Many years on bass guitar playing mostly blues, old school, and classic rock.We use mostly small amps so ultra loud volume is not needed using the Backline 110 as a hot spot monitor.

Came from a local GC blow out sale $169.00 with it's size and versatility it was a natural choice for me.

I use this amp mostly as an on stage personal monitor. It is small and helps out greatly on hard to hear stage settings, I just run a line out of one of my effects and into the GK, that way even if my main amp is on one side of the stage and I'm center stage singing or whatever I can hear well over the stage din. Sounds good as a small practice amp too. It has the GK sound only smaller, I don't push it for a lot of low bass and it is easy to get pretty loud with a Jazz Bass that cuts rather than say a Gibson EBO bass.

By modern standards it is a little heavy ... maybe a neo speaker would help.

Built in typical GK style ... like a tank

As a long time GK user it is an amp I would buy again.

Kenny Allyn rated this unit 5 on 2007-12-05.

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