Gallien-Krueger Backline 112 100W 1X12 Combo Reviews 5

I got it through musicians friend for 340. Came in perfect in amount of time it said. I was going to get the Behringer Ultrabass 120 but i personally think my amp sounds better.

It is percisely what i paid for. It sounds like it puts out more then 100 watts. Its perfect for jammin, balances out nice with anything. It has plenty of little features to mess with. It sounds great at any volume. I've never needed to come even close to its full volume. Its small considering the output it gives.

Not much to dislike like. Kinda heavy but thats expected. Its just a great amp.

Great job in being built. The speaker is great, the electronics are awesome. Silent unlike my peavey microbass i had before. Just wonderfully built. Good job by Gallien Krueger.

This amp plays great if you are considering it, go for it. Its an amazing amp that will last me a very long time. Its an extreme amount of bass sound that also happens to be portable. I'm glad i got it.

John rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-25.

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