Gallien-Krueger MB150S Microbass Head Reviews 3

$315 US at Daddy's Junky Music, Albany NY. I am on the watch for very compact gear, and this thing is about a foot wide, under 3" tall and not very deep. Also I already use a G-K Microbass combo, so I knew what the sound would be.

Really small, not too expensive, 4 channel EQ plus seperate gain and master, with a limiter on the master. I especially like the limiter.

150W @ 4ohm is not a huge amount of power. My combo has a chorus that sounds really good, but this is the 150S head and only the 150E head has chorus.

Case is 0.1" [2.5mm] aluminum with a heat sink built into the top [mildly grooved]. Two 1/4" speaker jacks, XLR DI, line out, FX loop, and headphone jacks, 4-knob EQ, plus boost and contour mini-knobs cover the entire front and rear panels. Input has pad switch, AC cord is removeable. My Microbass combo has been like a rock, and others who have those combos report the same, so I expect this will be very very reliable.

Great features for bass, electric bass or jazz guitar in a trio or quartet, able to DI to the house and still drive a monitor cab on stage. All the features and power you'll need for smaller to midsize venue. More bottom than you usually need, fairly clean but not sterile sound.

Golem rated this unit 3 on 2005-02-01.

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