Gallien-Krueger MBS112 Reviews 5

Online Auction, $579, I needed a combo amp that could handle a 5 string bass. These amps are quite a bit more new.

It is light, very light. I had a SWR Workingman's 10 Cube that was also light, but it couldn't handle the low B on my Toby Pro 5 bass(also reviewed). This baby can, and at good volume. I gig with this amp, not in a high db situation, but it can always provide what I need. Lots ot tonal variation too. And did I mention it is light?(23 or 24 pounds) I can go in and out in one trip, bass in one hand, amp in the other. It provides 150 W with a 12 inch speaker. Aluminum case is the trick, but no buzzes or rattle at all. It is also a very quiet unit.

Shortly after purchase, I had to have the input and headphone jacks replaced for $80. The old ones weren't letting me keep my signal at all times. I did buy is used and even with the repair cost, I saved a good bit over new. If I needed to buy a replacement, I WOULD spend the $$ and buy one new. It is that good.

Fine for used. Don't know if the problem I mentioned above is common. It is a very well designed piece of equipment.

Find one used or buy it new. It is the best small bass amp available. I have gone through 4 other portable bass comb amps from 4 different big name manufacturers to arrive at this amp. I am done, this is the one.

Paul W rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-06.

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