Gallien-Krueger RB700-II Mark 2 Bi-Amped Bass Amplifier Reviews 5

I purchased this kick ass piece of equipment for $599 before tax at <A HREF="" TARGET="new">Moores Music Emporium </A> I had my old Peavey mark III blow up on me three days before our next gig, and i was strapped for time, i searched around the valley here at other local shops, and found other brands such as Hartke and crate, but NONE of them even came close to the power and price of this GK head!

I love the 480 Watts of power that this head has in it, I'm running it on 3 - 15 inch speakers and it pushes them HARD! The Direct out on the front REAlLY was a big help also for me and the sound guy.

well I've only played one gig with the head so far, but as far as I can tell there is absoluetly no problem with it that i can see.

Only the smaller size of the head unit itself was the only stranger part for me, I was used to the older and more larger heads, then i get this one and it blow the old ones watts away, and in half the size!

Only thing i really have to summarize about is to tell everyone that I can to GO OUT AND GET YOURSELF A DAMN GK!!!!!! these things are incredible! Now all i need is to get the matching 4 - 10 cab that uses the speakon cable features and I will be set! Now when anyone comes and checkes out <A HREF="" TARGET="new"> ThE DECaY tHeORY </A>

Jae Decay rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-19.

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