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Played bass for 2 years and played guitar on and off for about 6 months. I was in a little "band" just jamming with friends. I had swapped bass with guitar at one jamming session after learning a couple of open chords I fell in love with this instrument. The guitar I was playing was a Strat Style guitarso I knew what I was looking for. I got recommended this site by a friend who bought a guitar amp there and I had also bought a bass amp from them in the past. The whole package deal cost about 65.

The package has everything that a beginner needs - a guitar and a practice amp. If you wanted to play rhythm guitar then you'd need a strap for performing and a case for transport. For lead guitar you'd want the above plus an effects pedal so really it depends what you want to do. You can also order all of the above separately and ask for them to be delivered with the rest of your order.

It sounds great, it looks great and once you've got a strap it feels great. The only problem I had with it was that it had a practice amp which wasn't powerful enough for playing with other people. It's a practice amp - so it's small and portable but it doesn't pack that punch that you need when you're jamming. One other problem you could have would be that - it's a beginners package but doesn't contain any tutors at all. No tips, nothing. Seems you've to solve this problem yourself. is useful or find someone who plays guitar and get lessons.

As I said before - I was quite disappointed with the practice amp. Apart from that the quality of the guitar was great for the price. I expected to have buttons that would be loose and falling off and have a fairly easy to break guitar but it's proved it's a good performer and is pretty tough so far.

Altogether - it's a great deal, for a great price, for a great guitar, with a great sound. It only falls with it's amp. However, considering some electric guitars by themselves can cost hundreds of pounds this one has served me well and the only replacement I can see myself buying is an amp.

Brian rated this unit 5 on 2005-10-30.

I bought this guitar on for 65.00. I bought it so that I could have a guitar to start on.

I like the style (strat style) and its colour (white) it has a real rockys sound to it and it has a very good wide range of sounds.

I don't like the fact that if I play the low. e key hard it hits the fret and hums hard and because I play a lot of rock this is bad. It also had a scratch which was about 3 inches long in my fingerboard.

Full size electric guitar. Body: Solid Maple Fingerboard: Rosewood Scale: Full Size 22 Frets Pick Ups: 3 single coil Controls: 1 x volume 2 x tone 5 position lever switch Included Accessories: Detachable tremolo arm Colour: WHITE

I think that it si a good guitar to start on as it is cheap its not so good as a more expensive one but it is a good guitar for the money.

Thomas Hastings rated this unit 2 on 2005-04-29.

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