Gemini Disc-O-Mix DJ Kit Reviews 4

I purchased the product from, I was told that it was a great starter kit.I paid 329.99 for the kit.

I like it because it is easy to use, very basic and that it was my first set of tables. It's a good beginner product. You can do anything you want on this product as long as you use your imagination.

Since I feel that I graduated from a beginner so I looking for more features I think I'm going to purchase a technic next, maybe even a stanton, depends on what kind of fundage I have at the time. Hopefully a shiney new technic the "Horny Woman Maker" model I heard it was a good one.

I going to give it to my kids. Very strudy

It's a great all around unit, but I demand more features such auto cue, and looping

Brendonesia rated this unit 4 on 2003-12-24.

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