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I usualy play guitar but as a big Kiss fan and collector ,i collect almost everything on Kiss and the punisher was no exeption.

Like i said im a guitar player,i already own the ace frehley gibson signature, i always wanted a great bass, ive always looked for a great looking bass and i didnt find one until i saw the punisher.i boughtit on ebay for 1200 US $

the punisher is looking great and the sound coming out of this bass is awesome,growling as many said before and its thrue.the neck is thin and easy to play with.

It is also thrue that probably not made in the USA, korean or japan made. But as i love to say , i compare the punisher to a ferrari, great looking ,nice sound but the quality and craftmanship is not always there, however it is not so bad, ive seen better and ive also seen worst so for 1200 $ i think it worth it .

Built like a tank and very heavy.good quality for a 1200$ unit.Serial number of mine is 672 so in those early days the quality is good.

If your a kiss fan and you like the look and sound of the punisher you have to get yourself one, you will not be disapointed.To those who said that its not worth 1200$ its because 1200$ is too much money for them. I recommend this bass to all of you and everybody will look at you and your bass and the only thing you will hear is wowww what a great looking bass i promise.

mad_superman rated this unit 5 on 2007-03-31.

Purchased on eBay for about $1500.00 because I thought I was getting the same quality instrument played by the God of Thunder himself.

The Bass looks cool(from a distance). It is well balanced and has a nice thin neck. I played it through an Ampeg SVT 350H which is essentially the same as the punisher head & it sounded good. Although it does not sound as good as Music Man, Rickenbacker, or Warwick.

The signature is put on with a silver marker & easily rubs off. The quality of the signature was OK, but I have seen better signatures on some earlier numbers. I would have preferred that the signature be under the clear coat so it would be preserved. I would imagine that after some time the signature will disappear as the chemicals in the ink begin to break down. The wood body had several imperfections that could be seen through the paint.

The qualtiy / constuction what not what I expected for a 1500 instrument. The wood joints were sloppy. The hardware is cheap. I bought my 5 year one of those cheap "made in China" guitars & I think the Punisher was made in the same factory. Anyone who has purchased this stuff know exactly what I am talking about.

If you are buying this to collect or display, make sure you have a case otherwise you may rub off the signature when dusting. If you are a bass player & want to strike a pose at your next your money. This is not the same EXACT bass Gene plays. This is a cheapo replica.

Benny Metal rated this unit 2 on 2005-01-16.

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