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I got my Punisher,#00953, on e-bay for about $1500

This is the perfect bass. It's the only bass i'll ever need. I love everything about it, from the shape, to the color, to the sound.

the only thing i don't like is that a small part of the autograph had been rubbed off before i got it.

this bass is built like a tank! Body: Mahogany Neck: Maple/Neck Through Body Fingerboard/Inlay: Rosewood/Diamond Abalone Bridge: Schaller with Fender "P" cover Hardware: Chrome Tuners: Schaller Pickups: EMG Active (1) P and (1) J Controls: One volume, One tone, Three way switch Color: Ebony, Natural, or Tobacco Sunburst Strings: GHS 45's Case: Real leather w/Gene Simmons Punisher Badge

This is the best bass the world has ever seen. it was designed by The God of Thunder,Gene Simmons. he could aford to play any bass he wants, and this is what he plays. The Punisher is the culmination of everything he's learned and loves about the bass. "It's not for everybody - it doesn't sound like a Fender Precision bass, for instance, because its a much more aggressive instrument." if you look up the word perfection in your bass dictionary you will see a picture of The Punisher.

nick t rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-20.

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