Genz Benz Shuttle 3.0 Head Reviews 2

It's tiny, under 3 lb, and so I was tempted to trade in my Ampeg Portabass 250. I play smallish venues, generally without drums, so I can realistically hope to get the size and weight of my rig to approach zero :-)

I thoroughly compared it to my PB250 and regretably found that I'd rather carry the extra 11 lbs around. The Shuttle 3.0 has sufficient power, excellent controls, and I couldn't get any sort of fullness in the tone. Remember, I'm not comparing it to a big SVT, just my little Portabass. So thaz how I DID NOT acquire this unit. The price I did NOT pay was under $300 for a used piece, so I really wanted it to be OK, but it just was NOT.

Very small, silly light, and excellent controls.

Sound lacks presence, body, fullness, etc.

Very small. Appears to be of good quality.

Some will say 'The Shuttle is a clean neutral amp, so comparing it to an Ampeg is almost an apples vs oranges mismatch.' Just to be clear, I loooove my AI Clarus2, which IS a clean neutral amp, and a far cry from an Ampeg. But the Clarus2 sound has everything that the Shuttle 3.0 sound lacks. I just happened to compare the Shuttle to the Ampeg cuz I had the Ampeg with me for a trade-in. The Ampeg is NOT my holy grail or I wouldn't consider trading it away. So, with an open mind, and as a user of a similar type of amp [my AI Clarus2], I rate the Genz Benz Shuttle 3.0 as a '2'. All that prevents me from giving it a '1' is that it did not burst into flames or electrocute me. A '3' would be 'average and OK' which is higher than I can rate the Shuttle 3.0. So it gets a '2' [barely].

Golem rated this unit 2 on 2010-02-05.

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