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The Shuttle 9.0 is the latest in the Genz-Benz line of small, lightweight, powerful solid state bass heads. Only 2 1/2' x 10' x 10 1/2' and weighing just 4 pounds, the 9.0 cranks out 500W into 8 ohms and 900W into 4 ohms. Front plate is black brushed steel with chrome knobs and the standard Shuttle control array: Mute pushbutton; Gain and Volume controls; Tone zection with sweepable mids; Bass Boost, Mid Scoop and Hi Freq boost pushbuttons; Master volume; and blue LEDs for power, signal, compression and clipping. Back panel has XLR DI OUt switchabkle between line and mic level and pre- or post-EQ; aux in and headphones out jacks; tuner out jack; effects loop jacks; dual Speakon connectors; optioanl footswitch port; and line voltage selector. The power cord is detachable. Optional footswitch allows silent tuning or switching of the three Signal Shaping pushbuttons.

I tried this amp at a local dealer. I've been using the Shuttle 6.0 for a year and love it. Was curious what was differnt about the 9.0 other than power. Street price is about $830 USD.

Every Genz-Benz amp I have tried or owned has delivered first-class, pristine, uncolored bass sound from the minute they are switched on. The 9.0 is no exception. Set flat, the amp sounds perfect -- full, loud, punchy. Minor tweaks to any tone control provide major differences in sound. The Shuttle 3.0 and 6.0 are designed for smaller matching GB cabs, thus have their low frequency controls tailored to eliminate the possibility of stressing the cabs with too much bottom. Genz redid the low and high frequency points on the 9.0 because it is designed to be used with larger cabs able to handle higher wattage and norw lows, and the difference is apparent when used with a big cab like the GB Uber 410. Although I like GB cabs, I have a feeling the Shuttle 9.0 will sound great with any cabinet capable of handling this much power. WARNING: If you have a Shuttle cabinet or two, DO NOT be tempted to run them with the 9.0! Pushing 500 watts into a cab rated at 300 watts will fry your speaker quickly. At 4 ohms, the Shuttle delivers 900 watts -- by far the most from any amp of this size. Fins a nice 8x10 cab and watch the paint melt from walls. Salppers will ove the mid-scoop button. I Tend to run my Shuittle 6.0 nearly falt, with the bass control a notch ot two on the plusside from flat. For more pcunhc, I Select a lower setting on the mid-frequency knob -- say anywhere from 150 to 250 Hz, and boost it a couple of clicks. I normally leave the high freq boost butoon off. These settings work well for passive basses. When I run my active Lakland 55-94, I tend to run the map flat with Bass Boost pushed in and teh Mid Scoop and Hi Frq boost off. I runs falst on my 55-94 -- yor mileage may vary if you run rounds. Based on my experience, any Genzz amp can make almost any bass ound good. If your bass doesn't sound good through the Shuttle 9.0, you may beed a new bass.

I have nothing bad to say about any Genz-Benz product I've tried, and I've owned three different models of combo or amp heads, four different speaker configurations, and I've tried several more.

Genz-Benz is solidly built and constructed with the needs of working bassist in mind. Customer service is fast and first-class. I've never had a problem with any GB product, and testimoiials to their reliability and the company's quick response time when problems do develop is all over the Internet.

In my mind, Genz-Benz makes the best bass amplification systems abvailable. The Shuttle 9.0 500W/8 ohms; 900W/4 ohms) is the latest in the GB series of small, lightweight, powerful heads. If you can't find your sound on the Shuttle 9.0 -- whether that sound is fingerfunk, slap, metal or prog rock or any other -- you must not have a sound to find.

Laklander rated this unit 5 on 2010-02-10.

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