German Vazquez Rubio 1998 Hauser Model Reviews 5

I have played classical guitar for over 35 years. I love all types of music, but am particularly fond of Spanish Romantic and Renaissance lute/vihuela works.

Purchased 1/13/2007 from Roger Thurmond for $2500 (USD) plus 7.5% tax.

This guitar has a gorgeous overall sound that can best be described as liquid and resonant. The trebles are very clear and bell-like, the mids are buttery, and the basses are powerful, yet unobtrusive. Everyone who has heard this guitar is amazed at the projection and tone quality. It is very easy to play and responsive to the slightest shift of the right hand which leads to expressive tone color.

The only problem I have is that the note B (7th fret, 1st string) does not have enough sustain for me. It will decay within 2 seconds, but the harmonic overtones of the low E string tend to compensate.

The instrument has a German Spruce top, East Indian Rosewood, Spanish Cedar neck, African Ebony Fingerboard and is French polished. Construction is all done by hand. G. V. Rubio guitars are very much in demand and are played by many well-known guitarists such as Leona Boyd, Jason Vieaux, etc.

This is a great instrument and truly worthy of the concert stage.

TG rated this unit 5 on 2007-01-31.

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