Gibraltar Avenger II Double Bass Drum Pedal Reviews 4

i got my drumset as a prestent for a good school year...i got this pedal so i could pull off some more somplicated drumming patterns. i got it at the portland drum shop

this pedal for the most part is a very good investment. it has lasted two years and i had no problems at all. the reaction is good and the pedal can survive under pretty harsh conditions

the one drawback to this pedal is that you get so much kick out of it that it very often breaks bass drum heads. and by break i mean snaps the head straight down the middle

it is very durable and has lasted through my hardest sets. i have no complaints about the durability of this pedal

this pedal is good for beginner-intermediate skilled drummers. it is very cost efficient. you definitely get your bang for your buck

sbdrummer rated this unit 4 on 2004-01-12.

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