Gibraltar GRS-850DBL Double Bass Rack Reviews 5

I bought this drum rackfrom Percussion hous (check out as they are my local store, and said they'd get me anything I needed. It cost 320 ($590) and I got it because I knew I would be buying more toms, and it worked out cheaper in the long run than buying stands for everything.

Yet again, I am amzed by the quality of Gibraltar merchandise. The memory locks mean that if you are touring, or just moving your kit around a lot, its very quick to set up how you like it. The clamps themselves are very sturdy, and they do not allow rotation, which is what the boys at pearl want you to think. I actually bought two GRS-400C racks, and two stackable right angle clamps, to make the GRS-850DBL rack, and it came to the same price, but you get twice as many clamps. It also means if you want to get a side extention, you already have a spare T-leg. The 46" curved bars allow for a very versitile set up, and mounting your cymbals on boom arms means you can have everything exactly where you want it, with no stand legs cluttering up the floor. Freeing up the bass drum, it allows it to give a much louder kick, with less energy lost in the toms.

All these plus points don't come cheap. Whilst i think the rack itself was a good deal, adding on clamps, especially if you want memory locks with them, can really drain you finances. However, comparing those prices to decent cymbal stands, its cheaper in the long run.

Gibraltar have never let me down in the past, and they certainly havent this time. High quality construction, and beautifully chrome plated, this rack really is Rock Solid.

So the initial expenditure is big, but for anyone with more than two rack toms, and more than two cymbals, I'd say go for it. The longer you wait, the less economical it becomes, but its still worthwhile.

Yojan rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-13.

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