Gibraltar Intruder II Direct Drive Double Pedal Reviews 5

I Purchased the pedal at Drums Etc. in Lancaster PA and the reason was I wanted a pedal with somthing different other than double chain drive. I saw this pedal in a Gibraltar cataloge and i wanted it. I sold my Pearl Eliminator double pedal to get this one. I paid around $219.67 due to a sale and the pedal was brand new.

The direct drive system is flawless and completly silent. Its the most resposive pedal have ever played. This pedal felt similar to the Axis double pedals but with out the price tag of one. It is very ajustable and easy to dial in the perfect playing position.

Theres nothing that i dont like about the pedals but the beater problem that most people talk about doesnt happen to me because I put Iron Cobra beater on it and works like a charm.

The construction of the pedal is extremely good. It is by far the most durable pedal I have played and it is extremely rugged.

This is one grat pedal to play. i would recomend it to anybody.

Drumdemon2 rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-23.

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