Gibraltar Intruder II Double Pedal Reviews 5

I bought the pedal at Musicstop in St. John's, Nf. for $350.

Good grip on foot boards, overall VERY adjustable, can be converted into two seperate single pedals, very good feel, can be adjusted to however you like it. Smooth, solid strokes. Both pedals have velcro on the bottom that attatches itself to most kinds of carpet. Once it is down, it will not move. Beaters are adjustable. Looks good, and it is double chain driven. Cmes with a handy drumkey and a bag with different compartments.

The angle of the beater heads does not stay consistent while using. They don't come off or anything, but it is a little annoying to keep having to turn the beater heads back to the way you like them. The velcro on the bottom of the foot boards is great but it is bad for setting the pedal up. Once it hits the floor, it is very hard to keep pulling it back up and changing the position, so you have to find where you want it without laying it down and keep it there. Also, the pedals become a tiny bit noisy after a while (no squeaking, but you can hear the chain catching on the sprocket) however this problem can be avoided by keeping everything well greased.

Solid construction. All high quality, heavy duty materials used. No cheap parts, you get what you pay for. After many gigs and tear downs, this pedal has so far proved indestructable.

Even though there are a few cons as mentioned above, I feel that the pros outweigh them completely. Every piece of equipment has some negatives, and the negatives for this product are kept to a reasonable minimum.

M.H. rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-26.

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