Gibraltar Road Series Rack, GRS-350QC Reviews 5

I bought this rack through, because I knew my set was growing, and wanted more options for setup. Mainly I wanted to stop having my two main toms mounted in the bass drum, it was starting to stress the bass drum. I rember the price was about $250, and the shipping was only about $15.

This rack is solid, bar-none. I bought it because it was one of few to come with cymbal boom arms included, mounted out of 36" upright bars. These arms are small, but strong! I have my 22" ride and a 16" crash mounted on them and they hold them well. The actual clamps are also great, I have 2 of the super multi clamps, 2 of the quicksets. The multi clamps provide a lot of strength and a lot of actual clamp surface, holding my toms, securely. The whole thing is not that heavy, even with 2 toms and 6 cymbals (mounted with Gibraltar's grabber arm) I can lift it myself to move it around. Gibraltar is also a great brand, they have clamps/stands/etc, for just about anything you could think off.

The quick set clamps themselves. They are an interesting idea, and do allow you to take down the rack without completely dissasembling, but I'd prefer the regular right angle clamps myself. The price of some of the individual clamps as add ons could make some buyers flinch. They go for around 20-25 a piece.

Like I said before, this is a solid rack. Some people I've talked to ask if stuff rotates due to the rack tube being cylinders (1.5" dia.), but I've never had a problem. They sell memory locks, and I have a few of the smaller ones, half as a memory, and half as added strength. Overall, this rack is well desgned and the clamps are well made and strong as well.

This rack is a great buy for anyone just wanting a rack, or looking to get one to grow off of. I myself will be extending this rack on my right side with more Gibraltar add ons. Highly recommend!

Drumfreek rated this unit 5 on 2002-02-28.

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