Gibraltar SC-1408BSD Reviews 5

Bought from L&M for under $14.00.

I liked the weight and how solid it felt. The tension rod holes are totally flat to insure accurate pressure from each rod. Price was excellent compared to the same product from PEARL.

Nothing. It's all good.

Like I said before. The hoop is heavier and stronger than your regular hoop. It fit snug on to my cheap Pearl Export snare(14" x 6.5") from the early 90's. Absolutely no chance of it slowly shifting during play.

I wanted to rebuild my old Export snare without spending a bundle on parts. Gibraltar make excellent replacement parts. They fit. The price is low. The quality is high. I didn't think that old snare would sound any good. It's awesome!! Kicks butt!!

Toshi Takahashi rated this unit 5 on 2005-05-18.

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