Gibson J-50D Reviews 5

This guitar was bought new in 1972 for $350 by my dad, he gave it to me a few years later when I started playing. It has been with me ever since.

The sound of this guitar is warm and deep . The various woods that are used in the construction really highlight each other and make for a simple yet beautiful guitar. I have played other acoustics but none better than this workhorse of a guitar. The action is just about right for an acoustic maybe a little on the high side but not much.

There is really nothing I dislike about this guitar if the action where a couple of hundredths of a millimeter lower it would be perfect. There some amount of checking that has occurred but of course that is due to my hurry to take it out and play it. It does give it that "I' ve been around look" though.

It is a beautiful well made guitar. The spruce top and mahogany sides are first rate and provide an excellent contrast to highlight the natural beauty of both woods. It has a rosewood fingerboard and Gison deluxe tuners. Right now I am using Gibson J-200 phophor bronze light strings. Everything about this acoustic is first rate in a simple play me and you will like it sort of way. The hard shell case that came with it has held up well even though it has obviously been around the block once or twice.

A simple yet well made guitar, of the axes I own this will be the last one I would part with. The sound quality and solid construction of this guitar make a great combination. Which is why I had to go with a 5.

Don Walls rated this unit 5 on 2001-06-21.

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