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This was a gift from the universe, but know the purchaser paid at least $1,500 at Guitar Center in Las Vegas, NV (though it had to be special ordered from Bozeman).

Normally, guitarists like (and need) to pick their own guitars, especially if they're singing with them like myself. Sot when this guitar was given to me, I had the mixed emotions of "Oh, My Gosh" and "What if I don't like the sound." Well, this gift DELIVERED on every front! Of course, coming direct from Bozeman, the action was entirely too high to be comfortably playable, so immediately had to have my guitar tech set up everything. Once this was done, this guitar played like butter and sounded like audio velvet. It's got great range as well as percussiveness which allows it to play many styles of music. In fact, I used this guitar for 14 out of 15 songs on a recent recording project and when I hit the first chord, my engineer comes running out of the control room demanding to know what kind of guitar this was. He said in all of his 20+ years of recording he's never heard a guitar sound like this (both mic'd and plugged in). He LOVED it! Said he's had Taylors, Martins, Fenders, custom-builts, and nothing comes close. I'm also a small, petite woman and was concerned with the large body size, but now that I've gotten to know this guitar, it doesn't feel all that big any more ... nor does it seem heavy to me. I'd say I got lucky! :-)

The action being too high direct from the manufacturer. Also, had to do another neck and bridge adjustment due to climate changes while on tour, but seems to be holding fine.

This is a beautiful guitar. I frequently have other guitarists come up to me wanting to look at it and play it. The sound is amazing, as I stated above.

I have many guitars that I play, but this is the one I have a "relationship" with.

Nancy Good (search my music at Google) rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-01.

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