Gibson '57 Reissue Les Paul Goldtop Reviews 5

I bought this guitar at wagstaffs music in salt lake city, utah. I think it was about $2300 brand new in 2000.

The thing I noticed that this guitar does better than any other les paul I've owned is stay in tune. You could probably pitch it out of your car on the freeway at 75 mph and it would still be in tune. No really. I guess it has similar humbuckers to the ones in '57 also, which makes it sound better than any les paul i've owned. It better though, for what I paid.

The only downside of owning this guitar, for a guy like me anyway, is the cost. Not because it's not worth it, because it is, it's just that there is usually some degree of drinking going on when I play shows and you never know what could happen. I can't really afford to have collector guitars hanging on my wall though, they need to earn thier keep on stage.

I guess once you reach a certain price range, no matter what brand of guitar, it's going to be pretty damn good. I'll just say that this guitar is SOLID.

My final thought is this. After reading a few other reviews for les pauls I noticed that one major complaint is how heavy they are. That is not a problem with me. If it were any lighter I probably wouldnt like it as much. You really know that you've got something when you're up there breaking a sweat with that heavy bastard over your shoulder. If you think it's too heavy sell me your les paul and but a strat. Either that or do a couple of shots, hike up your skirt, and rock like a man.

earl rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-29.

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