Gibson 1957 Black Beauty Historic Les Paul Reviews 1

27 Years pro musician. Studio musician, recording artist, 19 years.

Musicians Friend catalog. $ 2900


Broke trussrod right out of the box from Musicians Friend. Fake tunners . Damaged paint all over body. Would love to send you pictures of the UPS postal guy opening the box from Musicians Friend , with this damaged Gibson black beauty . We have a live video of ups postal service opening the Musicians Friend box. Musicians Friend is a fraud company , who robbed and cheated us out of allmost 3,000 dollars.

Damaged used guitar. Gibson Guitar company asked us to send this guitar to them. We did , and were refused any help from them , and sent back the same guitar, and told to sue Musicians Friend , Salt Lake City.

Gibson was no help at all . Musicians Friend is the worst place to buy anything of value. They are not to be trusted . They will do anything they can to get out of a exchange or refund. They have commited fraud. We were given a approved ra number for this guitar by Salt Lake City Musicians Friend , and when we sent this damaged Gibson guitar back to them, they sent the same damaged guitar back to us , and stole our money.

Media Coming For Musicians Friend Soon. rated this unit 1 on 2006-08-28.

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