Gibson 1998 Les Paul Studio Reviews 5

I bought this guitar used from a guy in Portland Oregon. He never played it, it was in perfect condition, and I payed $750 for it.

I like everything about this guitar. It has excellent, fat, Gibson tone, and the bridge pickup absolutely screams. It is also just plain beautiful to look at. The wine red finish is perfect, and I really like that you can see some of that mahogany under the finish.

The neck is a little bit too thick for me, but that's just how LPs are, and part of why they have such great tone and sustain. It is also a little heavy, but again that is why it has such great tone.

The construction of this instrument is top notch. The electronics are top quality, and it just feels like a real piece of equipment when you hold it in your hands. The Grover tuners keep it in tune well, and the pickups are the best I've ever heard.

Bottom line, this guitar kicks ass. You can get one for a lot cheaper than a Les Paul Standard, and still get all of the quality that goes along with the Gibson name. I definitely reccomend it.

Tom rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-22.

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