Gibson 2002 Les Paul Standard 50's Neck Reviews 5

I Purchased this brand new guitar over the internet two weeks ago. It cost me $1650.00 with the case and a few extra sets of strings thrown in. It was another $80 bucks for the overnite shipping. Ive been thinking about on buying a new Les Paul for years, and its was well worth the wait

The wine red finish is absolutly superb. The weight is not all to heavy for a Les Paul. I havent owned a Les Paul since 1988 so Ive been playing a Strat for the past 15 years. Needless to say Im used to thin necks. The 50's style neck took me all but 2 minutes to fall in love with. Playing with distortion the new burstbucker pickups offer balls to the wall rock and roll sustain and clarity. It has that vintage buzz you hear from the early Zepplin, Sabbath and Deep Purple days. God I love that sound

If you try to Blues or jazz out while playing clean it has a bit too much bite and treble. Even with the neck pickup on it kinda bitey. You need to control it more from the amps side. While playing for a long period of time the back of the neck gets sticky. You definalty need to have a rag near by. The tuners are the so called "vintage style", In my opinion all Les Pauls should have Grovers. The truss rod cover is blank. If you playing a Standard then people should know it. I already had two dozen people come up to me at gigs and ask "hey what kinda Les Paul is that?

I think its made very well although its a bit pricey for a mass produced guitar. The case is pretty to look at but overall a peice of junk. The outside walls are weak and marginal at best and the inside felt is already showing signs of coming apart. For this much money Gibson should provide a strong sturdy case like they did in the late 70's

Overall this guitar has massive tone and mind blowing sustain. For rock Im playing with my Marshalls Volume on 4 and the gain on 8. With guitars Volume on 7 and the tone at about 6 it still kicks butt! If you want a professional sounding ax that is timeless and will hold its value, then this ones for you. Hey besides if all else fails you will still look cool to the ladies.

Dominic rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-03.

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